Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Cannabis

How do I get my medical cannabis card in Iowa?

Individuals with qualifying conditions may obtain a medical cannabis card by acquiring a recommendation from a licensed physician then submitting an application for a card. Find out more info on patient eligibility.

Where can I buy medical cannabis?

Assuming you have a proper medical cannabis card issued by the Department of Health then you can buy from a licensed dispensary such as us. We are located in Waterloo, Iowa and you can schedule an appointment or contact us if you have any questions.

Can I grow my own cannabis at home?

No. Only licensed growers are allowed to grow and process cannabis within Iowa.

Am I allowed to use medical cannabis products in public?

No. It is advised to not be effected by cannabis while in public. You are able to consume products in a private residence that is inaccessible to the public. Driving while under the effects of cannabis is illegal as well.

Can I share my cannabis?

No. A patient is not allowed to gift, give, or donate any form of medical cannabis to another person. Every patient must go to a state licensed dispensary to get medical cannabis products.

Can I drive with medical cannabis?

If the product is sealed and unconsumed you are safe to drive with it. It is still illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis, medical or otherwise.

Can I travel outside of Iowa with my medical cannabis?

No. The Federal Government prohibits travel outside of the state with medical cannabis.

How do cannabis consumption methods differ?

The effects of medical cannabis will vary depending on how it is consumed. For example, inhaling vapor from oil provides a quicker onset. Oral and ingestion methods produce longer and more psychoactive effects but takes longer for the effects to work. Our staff can help you find the right consumption method depending on your needs.